About Savannah Maddox

Savannah Maddox was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and her family has called Grant County home for over six generations. Savannah has been married to her husband Eldon Maddox for 15 years, and they live on a farm in Dry Ridge along with their two children.

After graduating high school, Savannah dedicated her studies to the history of our nation, it’s founding, and the principles and sacrifice that have led up to this point. She attended Northern Kentucky University in her home state, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in both History and International Relations.

Savannah Maddox is many things… a patriot, a conservative, and a fighter… but above all Savannah is a Christian. The Maddox family attends Family Bible Church in Williamstown, where her husband serves as a deacon.

Savannah’s Christian faith is the cornerstone of her beliefs and values, and serves as the basis for her commitment to principled leadership. It is the reason she got involved, and it is the reason she ran for State Representative and won.

“I will continue to fight every day for the individual rights and liberties of the great people of the Bluegrass State”

Representative Savannah Maddox is an Authentic Republican Fighter. Her proven conservative leadership has been at the forefront of the fight for Kentucky’s families. Savannah’s unyielding determination to protect our constitutional rights and liberties has set a precedent for what Kentuckians should expect when they put their trust in a public servant.

Savannah’s Proven Conservative Record speaks for itself. As a member of the Kentucky General Assembly, she has:

Fought for the Unborn

Passed Constitutional Carry

NEVER Voted for a Tax Increase

Passed the Campus Free Speech Act

Fought Big Government Overreach

And so much more… but the fight to restore the consent of the governed has just begun.

Kentucky Patriots know that we have God-given and constitutional rights that must always be defended from the Tyrant Governor, Joe Biden, and their socialist allies.

Savannah is ready to continue the fight by:

  • Protecting the Unborn
  • Defending our Second Amendment Rights
  • Eliminating the Income Tax
  • Cutting Wasteful Government Spending
  • Minimizing Excessive Government Oversight in Businesses and Agriculture
  • Backing Law Enforcement

“Every single day I will get up and work to defend our freedoms.

Please join me…Let’s take Kentucky back.”