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Maddox Pre-Files Legislation Prohibiting Mandatory Vaccination

Over the course of the past year, a multitude of Kentuckians have reached out to express their opposition to vaccine passports. I share their concerns about the possibility of being required to demonstrate that they have been vaccinated to engage in commerce, travel, attend school, or work.

As a citizen and as a legislator, I am very troubled by the concept of a vaccine passport as it would violate the privacy rights and individual liberties of every person- whether they choose to receive a vaccine or not! For this reason, I have pre-filed BR 106 for the 2022 General Assembly Session. This legislation would disallow any potential requirement of vaccine passports or mandatory vaccination:

-Public entities cannot require the disclosure of immunization status
-Private employers must allow for employees to decline a vaccine, if they choose
-Public universities cannot require the disclosure of immunization status
-Public universities that fail to comply will not be eligible to receive state funding
-Businesses cannot require customers to disclose their immunization status
-Public entities cannot issue vaccine passports
-Kentucky cannot share individually identifying immunization data with other states, or agencies of the federal government
-Parents have the ability to decide whether their school aged children receive will a vaccine, and can decline on the basis of conscientious objection                                                                                                        
I firmly believe that Kentuckians have the ability to make good decisions for themselves and their families, and I will always stand up for a citizen’s right to do so.

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