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Andy Beshear Loses; Kentucky Supreme Court Upholds Laws

Today, the Kentucky Supreme Court unanimously upheld the legislature’s ability to rescind emergency powers that Governor Beshear has abused for over 18 months. Specifically, they ordered the Franklin Circuit Court to dissolve an injunction that has blocked HB 1, SB 1, SB 2, and HJR 77.

“’Practically speaking, except for those conferred upon him specifically by the Constitution, [the Governor’s] powers, like those of the executive officers created by Const. Sec 91, are only what the General Assembly chooses to give him.’ Thus, the Governor has no implied or inherent emergency powers beyond that given him by the legislature, who, as elected officials, serve at the behest of the Commonwealth.” -Opinion of the Court by Justice VanMeter

The laws we passed are valid, and the KY Supreme Court clearly indicated that the Franklin Circuit Court (Judge Phillip Shepherd) abused its discretion in blocking our efforts. Although it is unclear what the next step will be in restoring the consent of the governed, one thing is for certain: The voice of the People will be heard, and we will no longer be subject to the issuance of unilateral decrees on behalf of a power-hungry governor. 

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