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Over the course of the past six months, Kentuckians have become quite familiar with a statute that many had previously never heard of, KRS 39A.100. Governor Beshear’s abuse of this particular statute has resulted in:
-Over 1.3 million Kentuckians filing for unemployment (62% of the entire workforce), many of whom have yet to receive a dime of unemployment benefits in exchange for the wages they were forced to forego.

-Persons of faith being denied the ability to attend religious services in accordance with their 1st Amendment right to religious freedom.

-Countless numbers of Kentucky’s businesses that will never again open their doors and 287,000 jobs that will cease to exist.

-The suppression of the right to assemble, and freedom of speech by restricting access to the People’s Capitol in Frankfort.

-Interstate travel bans, restricting the rights of Kentuckians to move freely in and out of the Commonwealth.

-Infringement upon the right to privacy through the proliferation of contact tracing.

Subsequently, Governor Beshear has been challenged a number of times in court which has resulted in some of these executive orders issued under KRS 39A being overturned. It is for this reason, and for the protection of the basic civil liberties of all Kentuckians that I have pre-filed BR 130 to amend KRS 39A and related statutes. 

Never again must we allow the majority of Kentucky’s businesses to be shut down, resulting in the level of economic devastation that we are seeing unfold in the Commonwealth. 

Never again must we allow the fundamental liberties and freedoms which are enshrined in the Bill of Rights to be suppressed under the weight of unilateral decrees issued on behalf of the executive branch.  

So much of what we are seeing in terms of the Governor's actions is egregious overreach; Masks should be entirely voluntary, as should vaccination and contact tracing. The government should have no authority to force any of these things on its citizens. Moreover, any business that employs Kentuckians and enables them to put food on the table IS an essential business, and it is unconscionable to think of the economic devastation that the Governor has created through previous shutdowns. I will continue to be vocally opposed to any mandate or requirement issued by the Governor that violates our civil, individual, or religious liberties. 

I have pre-filed BR 130 for the 2021 General Assembly Session which will amend KRS 39A in order to create a system of checks and balances among three coequal branches of government, to ensure that never again are the citizens of the Commonwealth left without a voice during a state of emergency. Specifically, it stipulates that the General Assembly must be called back into Session in the event that an emergency order surpasses a two week timeframe, and all emergency orders must be narrowly tailored so as not to unnecessarily burden or imperil Kentucky’s businesses.

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